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From Dust to Shine: How to Deep Clean Your House Like a Pro

From Dust to Shine: How to Deep Clean Your House Like a Pro - Bio-One of Pittsburgh

Deep cleaning your house can feel like an overwhelming task, especially if it has been neglected for some time. In this post, we'll provide you with tips and tricks on how to deep clean your house like a pro, leaving it sparkling clean and looking and smelling fresh!

Start with the Carpets

Carpets can trap dust, dirt, and allergens, making them the perfect breeding grounds for bacteria and germs. To deep clean your carpets, begin by vacuuming them thoroughly to remove any loose dirt and dust. Then, use a steam cleaner to clean deep into the fibers and remove any stubborn stains. You can also sprinkle baking soda on the carpets before vacuuming to neutralize bad odors.

Pro tip: Don't forget to move furniture and clean under and behind it!

Tackle the Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the busiest areas in a house, so it's important to deep clean it regularly. Start by emptying out your fridge and freezer and wipe down all shelves and drawers with warm soapy water. You can also use a solution of equal parts water and vinegar to disinfect the surfaces. Next, clean your oven and stove with a degreaser, paying special attention to burners and knobs. Finish off by mopping the floors.

Pro tip: Don't forget to clean inside the microwave and toaster oven!

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Don't Neglect the Bathroom

Bathrooms are another area that requires regular deep cleaning to keep them hygienic. Start by scrubbing the shower and bathtub with a mixture of baking soda and water, then rinse thoroughly. Next, clean the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and disinfectant cleaner. Don't forget to wipe down all surfaces, including countertops, mirrors, and cabinets.

Pro tip: To deep clean your house bathroom, make sure to remove water stains from faucets and showerheads, soaking them in equal parts water and vinegar for an hour before scrubbing with a toothbrush.

Give Your Windows a Fresh Look

Windows are often overlooked during cleaning, but they can make a big difference in how clean your home looks and feels. Begin by dusting blinds and washing curtains according to their care instructions. Next, wipe down windowsills and frames with a damp cloth. For streak-free glass, use a glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth to wipe down the windows, working from top to bottom. Don't forget to clean both the inside and outside of your windows for a truly sparkling finish.

Pro tip: For hard-to-reach or higher windows, use an extendable duster!

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Make the Bedrooms Sparkle

We spend a lot of time in our bedrooms, so it's important to include it if you really want to deep clean your house. Begin by washing all bedding, including sheets, comforters, and pillowcases. While those are in the wash, dust all surfaces, including nightstands and dressers. Vacuum the floors and carpets, paying special attention to corners and under furniture.

Pro tip: To freshen up your mattresses, sprinkle some baking soda on them before vacuuming.

Tackle Your Upholstery and Furniture

Upholstered furniture can accumulate dirt and grime over time, making it look dull and neglected. To deep clean your house upholstery, start by removing any loose dirt and dust using a vacuum with an upholstery attachment. Next, use a fabric cleaner, or create your own using equal parts vinegar and warm water, and gently scrub the upholstery with a soft-bristled brush. Wipe off the cleaning solution using a clean, damp cloth, and allow the furniture to dry completely.

Don't forget to flip cushions and pillows for an even clean. For wooden furniture, use a wood cleaner or a solution of equal parts olive oil and vinegar to remove any build-up or stains. Wipe with a clean cloth and buff to bring back the shine.

Pro tip: To keep your upholstery looking fresh in between deep cleans, regularly vacuum and spot-clean any spills or stains as soon as they happen.

Remember the Details

Small details can make a big impact. Take some time to clean often overlooked areas such as baseboards, light switches, and doorknobs. These areas can accumulate dust and grime over time, making them look dingy and neglected.

For baseboards, use a damp cloth or a magic eraser to wipe away any marks or scuffs. Light switches and doorknobs can be wiped clean with a disinfectant solution to remove any germs or bacteria. For light fixtures, dust with a microfiber cloth or use a gentle cleaner specifically designed for lighting fixtures.

Pro tip: To save time and energy, incorporate these small details into your regular cleaning routine so they don't become overwhelming tasks.

Tips for Decluttering Regularly

Clutter can make any space look and feel dirty, even if it's not. Make a habit of regularly decluttering your home to keep it feeling clean and organized. Here are some tips:

  • Start by designating specific areas for items such as mail, keys, and shoes to prevent them from piling up in random places.
  • Invest in storage solutions like baskets or bins to keep smaller items organized and out of sight.
  • Donate or sell items that you no longer need or use to free up space and reduce clutter.
  • Find a designated spot for each item in your home and make sure to put it back after use.
  • Set aside some time each week to declutter one room at a time, rather than trying to tackle the whole house at once.

To maintain a clean and tidy home or workplace, create a cleaning schedule that works for your needs. This could involve daily cleaning tasks such as wiping down surfaces and doing the dishes, weekly tasks such as deep cleaning your bathrooms and mopping the floors, and monthly tasks such as decluttering and cleaning out your fridge.

Bio-One Can Help Deep Clean Your House

By following these simple tips and tricks, you can deep clean your home like a pro, leaving it looking and smelling fresh and clean. But, if you find yourself overwhelmed by the task or simply don't have the time to do a thorough deep cleaning yourself, consider reaching out to Bio-One for assistance.

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Our professional cleaners are trained and equipped to handle all types of deep cleaning, from hoarding situations to crime scene cleanups. Contact us today for a free consultation!