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When is it Time to Hire a Professional Crime Scene Cleaner?

When is it Time to Hire a Professional Crime Scene Cleaner?

While some people feel comfortable cleaning up after a traumatic event, it's simply too overwhelming and emotional for most of us to deal with, especially if you have been the victim of a crime or traumatic event. That's where a crime scene cleaner can help. But what exactly do they do? And how do you know when it's time to call one? Let's take a closer look.

If you have been the victim of a violent crime, it is crucial to hire a crime scene cleaner as soon as possible

After experiencing a horrific crime, the last thing you want to deal with is the mess left behind, so it's essential to contact a professional crime scene cleaner immediately. Crime scene cleaners are trained professionals experienced in dealing with traumatic crime scenes and understanding the sensitive nature of crime scenes. Although it can be challenging to think about, contacting a crime scene cleaner soon after a crime can help you regain some normalcy in an otherwise chaotic situation and give you peace of mind.

A crime scene cleaner can take care of cleaning up blood and other bodily fluids

Blood spill cleanup can be hazardous and is best left to trained experts, who typically are extensively trained in bloodborne pathogens, proper hazard assessment, and how to safely and effectively clean up blood and other bodily fluids.

These trained experts understand the risks involved when cleaning a blood spill scene and how to safeguard themselves from exposure appropriately. As blood spills can carry health implications, it is important always to bring in the right people for the job.

A crime scene cleaner also serves as a damage restoration specialist

Crime and trauma scene cleanups can be devastating for many people, and it's important to have the right professionals at your side to help you through the process in a respectful, caring manner. That's why trauma cleanup companies work hard to ensure that their customers' physical and emotional needs are respected and that each site is treated as a professional job. They will also ensure the environment is ultimately returned to its original condition when the cleanup is completed.

The cost of hiring a professional crime scene cleaner is usually covered by insurance

If a person's home or vehicle has been the site of a violent crime, it can be difficult to clean up the aftermath. Faced with such an emotionally and physically draining task, some might turn to hire a professional crime scene cleaner. It is important, however, to bear in mind that all kinds of insurance policies are different.

Bio-One works with emergency responders, property managers and other companies to restore areas from crime and trauma scenes.
Bio-One works with emergency responders, property managers, and other companies to restore areas from crime and trauma scenes.

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Bio-One of Pittsburgh is always ready to assist you in unexpected situations. Our expert specialists are always ready to assist you in dealing with highly pressurized situations that may be emotionally and physically draining, allowing you to focus on other vital activities while healing in a sanitary environment. Locally owned and operated, we provide the following:

Disinfection, sanitation, and decontamination services

Remediation & Hoarding cleanup services


Bio-One works closely with victim support centers nationwide and local authorities, communities, emergency services personnel, hoarding task forces, apartment communities, insurance companies, and other organizations to accomplish each customer's most superior service possible.

Many crime scene cleanup companies may face unexpected, unfortunate life events. Still, Bio-One is the right choice because of our expertise and profoundly caring and discreet specialists.

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